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09 April 2019 @ 02:05 pm
My phone had broken. I lost all my fics T___________________________T
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24 August 2015 @ 11:26 pm

Julia!!!!!1! I'm sorry for your late bday fic 😢 I'm stuck but I really want to finish it, so please have this as my apology and wait for the real bday fic 😥😥

Pairing: XIUJO
Rating: G
Length: 1k

Junmyeon nods absentmindedly as Kyuhyun rambles on and on about the importance of taking care of his body. He accepts the list of medicines he need to get and mouths thank you to the young doctor. Kyuhyun shakes his head one more time when Junmyeon goes out of the clinic. There have been a lot of head shaking and also disapproving frowns from the older man after Junmyeon typed on his smart phone and showed the older how he became like this. This as in losing his voice completely for God knows how long.

It's Chanyeol fault. You know what, since Kyungsoo was there and didn't stop it from happening, and Junmyeon will put the blame on him as well. So, it's Chanyeol and Kyungsoo's fault.

Collab with Chanyeol seem interesting at first, after all, who doesn't want to do wicked and cool science projects in their spare time? Definitely not Kyungsoo, because Chanyeol asked Junmyeon after he recieved a cold rejection from his own roommate.
"I'm not going to put my face out there." Chanyeol has told Junmyeon Kyungsoo's reason, deep voice squeaked in a poor attempt at imitating the famous faceless cover singer.

Junmyeon accepted the offer because cracking a glass with only his voice sounds pretty cool. But after screaming endlessly and hurting his throat in the process, the project felt like a hellish torture. He ended up losing his voice despite drinking Kyungsoo's secret recipe which Chanyeol assured would help him gain his voice back in no time. Chanyeol was wrong. As always.

Junmyeon drags himself to the mart near pharmacy. The girl who was manning the pharmacy apologetically told him one of the medicines was out of stock. He probably looked pitiful enough that she wrote down the drug store version's name of the cough drop he should get. Junmyeon took the paper and thanked her without any sounds, mouthing thank you very much over and over.

Junmyeon nods at the cashier's greeting and puts down the paper he's holding, pointing the various medicines behind the boy. The boy blinks in confusion, and Junmyeon is so upset because it's not fair someone can look that cute while confused. They stares at each other for a while before the boy gets what Junmyeon meant and takes the paper.

Junmyeon mouths a thank you and bows slightly in gratitude to the cute boy who currently handing him his changes, wait, what cute boy ? No brain, no. Don't fall to someone who you have no chance with, Junmyeon reminds himself as he stands in front of the cashier, collecting his money. He nods once more and goes out from the store.

Two days later, Junmyeon feels less like he's eating sand 24/7 and more like a human being who can properly swallow his own saliva. His voice doesn't come back yet, but Junmyeon tries to not worry much since Kyuhyun has promised that it will back in a week or so.
He also feels weel well enough to accept Chanyeol's offer to treat him a lunch.

Chanyeol never treats him unless he wants something. Junmyeon should have known better.
"Jongdae here, want to do a collab with you."
Junmyeon stares at Chanyeol's smiling face before he opens his messenger bag and grabs the piece of paper he has prepared. Size 34, Times New Roman, and bolded for emphasis. Chanyeol frowns at the NO on the paper. Jongdae watches the exchange with interest.

"Are you going to communicate with everyone using papers?" Chanyeol asks and Junmyeon simply shakes the paper as the answer.


Junmyeon holds back his giggles as he shows the back of the paper.


Chanyeol looks confused, "What? Why?"
Junmyeon shrugs and uses his free hand to stab his pancake with fork and bring bits of it to his mouth.
"Are you going to answer all the questions with no?" Chanyeol asks as he eyes the paper with a large amount of distain.

Junmyeon flips the paper again. NO.
Junmyeon almost burst into laugh when he sees Chanyeol glaring at the paper, once again flipped so the words read.
Jongdae laughs, "You won't accept Chanyeol's offers or ideas?" Junmyeon nods in confirmation to Jongdae while grinning widely.
"My ideas aren't that bad. My offers are always great!" Chanyeol protests, pouting as his friends who barely know each other make fun of him.

Jongdae laughs harder as Junmyeon flips the paper for the last time.

Jongdae and Joonmyeon get close fast over mere hours. Bonding over Chanyeol's misery probably a good start for both of them. Joonmyeon gently rejects the collab offer from Jongdae. He is sure he'd enjoy doing a cover song with Jongdae but his voice, after all, still 404 error not found and after the last collab turned into a disaster, Junmyeon can safely say he won't do collab in the near future.

@bookimjun: I lost my voice ((´д`)) idt I can do book review this week sorry (;ω;) any vid ideas?
@rustypaper: @bookimjun do a dance cover lol
@bookimjun: @rustypaper don't do this to me 〒▽〒
@keyboardist: @rustypaper @bookimjun time for dancer Kim come back 😂

Junmyeon stares at the flooding mentions from his followers for a second before he mutters fuck it and types down "TVXQ Mirotic dance tutorial" on the search bar.

FRIDAY LET'S GET WILD, Junmyeon writes in English with the capslock on, he pastes the video's link and clicks the TWEETS button.

@bookimjun_ish: !!!!!!!!!! GUYS

@rustypaper: OMG HE DID MY REQUEST (T⌓T)(T⌓T)(T⌓T)(T⌓T)(T⌓T)

@keyboardist: I can't believe dancer Kim finally back 😂😂😂😂

@missmystery: ........our Jun dancing, move away snowking, the TRUE KING is back
@frozendancing: @missmystery ??
@missmystery: @frozendancing jk ㅋ watch him youtube.com/watch?v=xJo21wx7
@frozendancing: @missmystery I'm dyinG
@missmystery: @frozendancing 😂😂😂😂😂

@frozendancing: guys watch this ㅋㅋ our king has a rival now ㅎㅎ

@kingkingking: lmao someone pls make a video comparison

@hotwinter: the mirotic guy so adorable lol
@keyboardist: @hotwinter 👌👌👌👌

Junmyeon wakes up to tons of notifications. He has more than the usual, but that's what happen whenever he posts a new video. He always looks forward to read his subscribers' comment. A lot of time he'll end up having discussion with his subscribers about the book he reviewed. That is the main reason he makes his Youtube channel after all. To have discussions about books with other book enthusiasts.

This time he doesn't know what to expect. He never post a dancing video before expect if you count his last year Q&A video where he's asked to dance Up and Down. It's only for 8 seconds, but the response from his subscribes has been huge. They gave him "dancer Kim" as a nickname. His friends were worse, they had teased him for months. They brings up the nickname every once in a while. Junmyeon can foresee the massive amount of teasing he will go through. Despite his flexibility is top notch, Junmyeon isn't that great at dancing. And the video he uploaded yesterday is a solid proof of his non-existed dancing skill.

Junmyeon opens his dancing video after asking emotional support from Baekhyun through LINE. The younger only replied a short 'lmao hyung y dont u love urself' but then assured him that his subscribers wouldn't leave him even though his dancing was most certainly bad. So much for that emotional support.

The top comment is a short "DANCER KIM IS BACK!!!!" from bookish99. Junmyeon snorts and sips his tea. As expected from his subscribers. When will that freaking nickname die?

Junmyeon scrolls mindlessly and another top comment catches his attention. Hot8winter's comment is a plea for someone to make a video comparison. Snowking? Junmyeon never heard that youtuber. Probably a proper dancer who covers Mirotic too. He grimaces at the thought his cover being compared to a professional’s.

Junmyeon opens a new tab to find some articles for his assignment which is due next week but curiosity got the better of him, two hours later Junmyeon has watched almost all snowking's videos. snowking waves at the camera, the corner of his eyes crinkles as he smiles. Or Junmyeon assumes he is smiling, he isn’t really sure since the mask is hiding the view. Why snowking feels the need to cover half his face, he doesn't know, but it doesn't change the fact Junmyeon ends up clicking the next video and then the next one, and then the next one.

Junmyeon knows almost nothing about dancing, but the way snowking moves his body effortlessly just....mesmerizing.

@bookimjun: I just spent two hours of my life watching videos. Dancing videos.

@bookimjun_ish: 150615 bookimjun following snowking on Instagram

@missmystery: new OTP!!!!

@missmystery: snowkimg lmao isn't it a good otp name

---and xiujo meet and they fall in love with each other et c c c c c , nah im not that cruel, i'll continue it later! (...much more later....)

17 March 2015 @ 11:59 pm

minseok has no mark on his body, he is one of those people who has no mates. people who lost their mates even before they are born. people who are pitied. since you will never be whole without your mate, people says.

luhan is the other part of population, bold mark glaring in his wrist. two swirl of black ink which looks like yin and yang.
he is 28 years old and hasn't met his mate when almost all his friends paired of with theirs. but luhan doesn't give a single fuck because he has minseok for 5 years and fuck this soulmate thing, he can't grasp the idea being tied up to a stranger that he barely know.

luhan wears this big hipster watch in his right hand religiously, covering his soulmate mark and partly because minseok hates the bright red plastic wrapping around his wrist.

("so tacky," minseok often mocks, masking the bitterness that luhan doesn't catch in his tone. he sneers seeing the watch, a painful reminder of what under it. a soulmate mark. the mark that show how luhan is not, never, completely his. because the world is cruel like that.)

people always tease him for being a hopeless romantic. spending half of his life imagining movie-like first meeting with his soulmate. his parents are worried, he is not getting any younger, but he believes they will meet at the right time, after all that's what soulmates about right?

turn out there's no right time. one second he feels so happy meeting his mate, excitement bubbling and mouth wide grinning. and the next second everything is shattered.
"sorry, i have someone else."
but you are my soulmate, you  are supposed to be with me, the frustrated screams stuck on his throat as his mate (no, the man in front of him, he is not his mate) goes on about his lover, a wonderful man called minseok.

he wants to be mad, but he knows better than that. so he smiles and offers his hand to the man.
names exchanged and when their hand meet junmyeon feels that electric thing people has always talked about. he wonders if luhan feels it too, but the man keeps talking about how ridiculous the concept of soulmate and junmyeon sips his warm team and nods.

minseok is mad. scratch that. mad is an understatement. he is furious. furious because luhan didn't tell him that he had met his supposed to be soulmate. ("he is not, you are." luhan said). furious when luhan told them how luhan rejected him, his soulmate. "didn't you think of his feeling?" minseok shouted.

minseok has no mate. he doesn't know how is it to be rejected by one's own mate. But he knows the longing, the aching that kill you slowly. he is never been rejected. no, he has been rejected since day 0.

luhan refuses to tell minseok anything after that. he refuses when minseok told him to say sorry to junmyeon. he kisses minseok when minseok said that he need to leave him for junmyeon, his soulmate. it is ridiculous because minseok is his soulmate, has always been and will be.

minseok doesn't get the man's name, but he is sneaky. he knows luhan's routine more than the man himself. a few questions to jongdae and he has the man's name already in his hand.

kim junmyeon. a literature lecturer. “very boring,” jongdae says. “and he is one of those cheesy type people, you know the ones who dreaming of their own fairy tale,” he adds jokingly, but minseok can see the fond smile forming on his lips. minseok's stomach lurches, thinking of junmyeon whose fairy tale destroyed by him.

"he talks with luhan-hyung once, and that's it hyung, believe me. luhan-hyung would never cheat on you. you know he loves you too much."
minseok forces a smile to jongdae. the always kind jongdae, if he found out minseok has been stealing junmyeon's mate for 5 years, would he hates him?

"does junmyeon has soul mate already?" minseok knows the answer but jongdae confirms his suspicion.
"it's so rare of you acting like this, hyung.” minseok shurgs at jongdae’s comments.
“junmyeon-hyung hasn't met his mate yet. if it's about luhan-hyung, the answer is no. seriously, that hyung has waited for his soulmate since he barely talk, he would never flirt with other people." jongdae's reassurance doesn't help the growing guilt on minseok's heart.

"it's not that jongdae..." minseok trailed off, brain racking for some kind of excuses quickly.
"luhan mentioned some educational theories that this stranger talked about, so i kind of curious. but, he didn't remember the man's name." he knows jongdae won’t believe him 100%, but the younger doesn’t voice it.

"of course luhan-hyung will forget the name. of course junmyeon-hyung will talk to someone he just met about those boring theories. they're so predictable." jongdae rolls his eyes and takes his phone from his pocket. "i'll send you his contact. go talk about your boring education theory. i always forget you are a teacher because you are cuter than your students."
minseok raises his eyebrow, "i teach kindergarten," he reminds. "point still stands," jongdae grins.

minseok goes back home with a string of number inside his phone saved as junmyeon.
15 December 2014 @ 08:12 am
Very loosely inspired by Kawaii Akuma
# Suhan, side!chensoo
# PG13 for curse words

Junmyeon has only one plan. Quietly enjoy his last year in high school.
Luhan has only one goal. Make Junmyeon’s last year in high school hell.
Basically I’m publishing all my suhan drafts lolkthxbye (´)

Luhan this. Luhan that.Collapse )
14 March 2014 @ 05:55 am
Fandom: e x o
Pairing: devil 1 x jongdae, devil 2 x jongdae, sehun x jongdae, jongin x jongdae, tao x sehun, taohun x jongdae, mentioned!sulay and xiuhan, sort of everyone wants a piece of jongdae tbh
Genre: attempted at humor
Rating: pg-13 for language
Warning: unbetaed. commas, a lot of commas. ooc or not.
Words count: pointless words around 1.4k i am crying this is the longest that I ever write #emotional
Summary: Jongin is the worst brother ever. Chanyeol is the cameraman(!!). And Jongdae seriously needs to rethink about his life choice.


Jongdae seriously needed to rethink his choice of friends (or siblings, in Jongin case, but unfortunately we couldn’t choose that, suck).Collapse )
fandom: exo
pairing: no pairing so far, soon-to-be-enemy!sulay
genre: crack. crack. crack.
wc: >600 words of nonsense
disclaimer: they own themselves
warning: lapslock yo. 100% unbetaed. AU.
obviously this is never happened. obviously lay isn’t a xiuhan shipper or such. maybe.

Get out your guns, battle's begunCollapse )
22 December 2013 @ 04:43 pm
fandom: exo
pairing: chanyeol/tao
rating: pg-13-ish
wc: 300 something of nonsense
title: i. tell me about it


and soon loud chatters from the twelve men filled the room.

tell me about it..Collapse )
17 October 2013 @ 01:01 am
firstly, fuck fuck FUCK.
i gained back 3 kilos and i just want to cry because i've tried so hard to lost the 5 kilos, i'm so fucking mad about this and i'm thinking about stopping the diet, but i feel like it is a waste, i'm so confused and gah
12 October 2013 @ 01:33 pm
i thought everybody will become wolf 2.0 for me (A+ perf, meh song), turned out everybody is pretty decent even only as a song
and fuck jongyu fine as fuck fuck fuck hot mess
05 October 2013 @ 09:22 pm
life's good so far, have a lot of assignment since it's already my third year, a little bit hectic but i manage
still a procrastinator, spend half an hour to write writing assignment and wrote my speech the night before i must presentate it
finished watching master's sun and fucking worthed it
lose 5 kilos and i'm so happy, but sad since the diet itself is not a healthy one, must change my diet asap
i joined the fun walk event last month lol had fun with the others
joined traditional dance club and failed badly TT
that's it for now

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